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Welcome, all entrepreneurs, new or existing! All of us have had that one idea that we've always wanted to make a reality. Here, you will acquire all the knowledge you need to turn your business concept into a certainty. Get ready to make some noise, because we all deserve to WIN!


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A born-and-raised Maryland guy with nothing more than the desire to see others succeed, I’m proud to have created a Win@Life that touches hundreds.

"I help people like you dream big and back it up with meaningful action to create results..."

meet wayne walsh

Wayne Walsh is a creative entrepreneurial leader who has worked for a variety of organizations including the federal government, state government, and private companies in finance, health, and operations. He received a bachelor’s in communication and moved to South Beach, Miami after graduation.

While in Miami, Wayne became further interested in entrepreneurship as his next passion and started his first business in music management. Although it was more of a lifestyle business that he did not take seriously; however, attending the Super Bowl Vendors meeting was an eye-opener. There were other entrepreneurs and business owners selling products and services to the Super Bowl.

Wayne wanted to take his next passion seriously and moved back to Maryland to attain his MBA, specializing in entrepreneurship. He started his second business and while he made some more progress, still didn’t turn a profit. After several years, he started The WiseWe Company providing virtual operations support to other fast-growing companies in Software, Health, and other industries.

The company has been a success and the journey has inspired Wayne to give back to the community. He uses his knowledge, experience, and skills to help other entrepreneurs who are yearning to grow their businesses. 

how did #wayneWins become a thing?

Wayne started two businesses before discovering how to scale and monetize to six figures and beyond with his third. 

After starting The WiseWe Company, he was inspired to create Win@Life to help aspiring entrepreneurs have access to free and low-cost resources.

He has also found love in a long 10-year relationship... experienced heartbreak... and found love and relationships again!

He's failed... but finally succeeded! Just like many other winners.

He believes that you can learn from setbacks and failures and apply what you discover to accomplish your goals.

WayneWins travels as a lifestyle whenever he wants! Replacing the word "vacation" with "way of life" or "lifestyle". He has become a thing in business, relationships, travel, and life.

On a Thursday in Paris, they recently asked him, "Why are you here and what do you do?" 

... The next day in London, they ask the same question! 

Whether it's a Monday in Colombia or a Friday in Belize the answer is the same!

Discover that answer with me today!

six figures

Develop the Foundation of a Six and Seven Figure Entrepreneur

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other people DO NOT control your destiny or goals!

You don't need the perfect foolproof plan before you go after your goals. Plans are imperfect and just need to be good enough to get started! Anything good is possible.

Once you remove yourself as a barrier, you can achieve anything that you want in life. You do not need to have an MBA or have started multiple businesses as I have. All it takes is the will, the drive, and the strength to move past your fear of failure to make your goals a reality. 

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